Don Enaya
Catch my heart! Very melon~
24.01.2012 в 01:22
Пишет ~Omi~:

24.01.2012 в 00:40
Пишет Сесил фон Сесил Сесил:

If two characters fi-i-ight It means they’re fucking at ni-i-ight
23.01.2012 в 20:06
Пишет Midnight_Guest:

Вот она! Вот она, песня моей мечты! :lol: :crzfan:

23.01.2012 в 21:17
Пишет marizetta:

OMG, РЕБЯТА, ЭТО ЖЕ НАШ ГИМН :crzfan::crzfan::crzfan:
Текст, ТЕКСТ!!!


Dashboard Tumblr-fessional - SaintDorianGray (Katy Perry Firework Parody)

Do you ever feel like a Sherlock fan
Crying on a Roof wanting to eat some Jam?
Do you ever feel like a Whovian?
Watching Rory die time and time again

Do you ever feel the Supernatural
You smell the sulfur, so you get the motherfucking salt?
Did you know that there’s a place for you?
There’s others just like you.

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